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How Planting Trees in Your Garden can Help Fight Climate Change

By Chris | 28 Aug
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How Planting Trees in Your Garden can Help Fight Climate Change


We are living in a time in which climate change should be at the top of everyone’s agenda. The climate is changing dramatically, and it is our children, and our children’s children that will feel the full impact of this change.


The majority of climate change is occurring due there being too much carbon in the air around us. Carbon located in our atmosphere can act like a kind of blanket wrapped around our planet. This carbon not only allows the suns heat to enter but stops or at least reduces the amount of heat that is then lost – in turn warming up our planet and changing our climate drastically.


When you plant a tree, you do not just plant something that helps to make the local surroundings look better. Planting a tree helps to reduce our carbon footprint and in turn putting a halt on climate change and is considered one of the most effective ways to overcome climate change.


Put simply, trees are natural carbon eaters. Carbon helps to make up the majority of a tree; from its roots, its trunk, branches and leaves also. You cannot see it, but a tree breathes in carbon similar to how us human’s breath in oxygen however operate exactly opposite to us: trees breath in carbon, and exhale oxygen. This simple and very natural occurrence helps to clean the air around us and will naturally help to stop climate change.


Planting just one tree in your garden will truly help get this planet back on track, and to slow down the effects and symptoms of climate change. Not only can they help to withdraw carbon from the atmosphere by they can help to keep the planet cooler too. Trees create what are known as cooling clouds. Although some may wish for less clouds in the sky, what these clouds do is work as reflectors in the sky. So, when the heat from the sun enters our atmosphere, the clouds can reflect the heat back out before reaching the ground. It is believed that just an increase of 3% cloud coverage from trees can help to put an end to climate change.


Trees are our best line of defense when it comes to combatting climate change. Trees are the most natural way to reduce the amount of carbon that is in our atmosphere and in planting just one tree a day, we can slowly see the changes that need to be implemented to ensure our future generations can enjoy this planet just as we have.


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