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Top Tips on Security Gates

By Ben | 28 Aug
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Keeping your home and valuables secure is one of your top priorities in life.


We understand how important it is to keep your valuables safe and to ensure that your home is well protected; whether you are in the property or if you have nipped out briefly. It is vital to have that peace of mind that no matter the circumstances; you have done all that you can to keep your loved ones, and possessions safe.


One of the most important, and obvious ways to keep properties safe is the fabrication and installation of high quality metal or steel security gates.


Security gates have been used for hundreds of years; in fact, many security gates used during medieval times still stand today; so, it is of no surprise that security gates are a top priority for home owners and business owners alike whom want to keep their belongings and loved ones safe. In fact, many security features such as security gates can also help to make the property more desirable should you want to put your property on the market.


Security gates are seen as an extra layer of security which can help keep any opportunist thief from entering your home or business.


It is a proven fact that security gates, especially the fabricated type of gate that we can supply, work as a large deterrent to thieves. Having strong gated access on any form of property, whether that be your home or your business, can be as much of a psychological barrier as it is a physical barrier too; a potential criminal does not like the thought of being trapped, or being slowed down.


Of course, it is always very difficult to stay one step ahead of all criminals, but in adding in extra steps or layers to your home security can help you to protect the things that are most valuable to you. The majority of thefts that occur in homes and commercial properties are carried out by opportunist thieves: and by including a strong and solid security gate to your security offerings then it stops any opportunist gaining easy access to your home or place of work and will reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime.


Sure, there is always the decision to be made over which form of gate you want to go for. Predominately, the choice always falls down to metal or wood security gates. Both forms of gates have their own features and benefits of course, and the majority of the time the decision comes down simply to personal choice. However, in our many years of experience we have found that metal gates are easier to maintain, last for a longer period of time, and can also offer an imposing look for any un-wanted visitors.



Here are some of our top tips on what it takes to make a security gate as safe as possible:


  • Gates should be seen as a continuation of the fence, so should always be of an equivalent height, strength and security.
  • Security gates should only be as wide as is needed. As wider gates are more difficult to secure than narrow ones, we always recommend ensuring your gate is as narrow as you possibly could need.
  • Always use adequate locking bolts on the dead leaf of the gates
  • Security gates should be secured with a padlock on the inside through permanent hasps and staples. It can be very tempting to add chains to a securing padlock however chains can become a weak point in the security of a gate and can allow unwanted movement.
  • When choosing a padlock, always look for a heavy-duty padlock with 5 lever or 6-pin tumbler operating mechanisms.
  • The hinge pins to gates should be reversed, pinned, burred, welded or defaced to prevent the gate to be lifted off its hinges. Once again, our expert team can do all of this for you and ensure the utmost security in the gate.




Your security is very important; don’t compromise on your security gates or grilles. Be sure to contact us today and allow our expert team will be happy to help!