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Bringing Your Holiday Home

By Oakham Garden Services | 12 Nov
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We are proud to announce that The British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI)and the Go Landscape careers initiative chose Oakham Garden Services to design and build a garden at Belvoir Castle Flower Show, Grantham.  


It was the first time that the Association had created a garden at Belvoir Castle, so it really was an exciting experience for us.  Our director and garden designer Chris, chose to theme the garden ‘Bring your holiday home’ and here’s why…  


During lockdown we had discovered many of our clients had intended to travel but were prevented because of the restrictions imposed by Covid lockdownsFor those seeking alternativesthe most popular request the Oakham Garden Services team received was to create holiday spaces in their own back gardenThroughout lockdown we’ve been creating enticing spaces and enabling families to enjoy their summer break and to reminisce past holidays. 


The design of the garden showcases what’s possible in a small space, whilst heavily focusing on nature and simplicity. 


Our favourite part of creating this at the Belvoir Castle Flower Show was using flowers that were draught tolerant and ones that don’t mind the wind. In keeping with many people’s desires for greener spaces, Chris and the team considered unique features for an eco-friendly outdoor space too 


One challenge we had to overcome was the lack of permanence. The installation had to be taken down without making too much mess! 

The Go Landscape show was geared towards encouraging new talent into the design and horticultural industries. Chris said “This could sound a bit cliché but working within this industry means that every day is different. There are so many opportunities and different things that go on behind the scenes. I would suggest anyone who is looking for a career change to consider landscaping. 


As accredited members of BALI, we look forward to participating in next year’s garden show. You can see more photographs from the day on Facebook.